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Touch Screen MP4 Player

Touch Screen MP4 Player
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Touch Screen MP4 Player
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You will receive a Touch Screen Mp4 Player shipped right to your door.

This incentive features:

Touch Screen MP4 player with 128 MB (modifiable up to 4GB) of storage, Black color with silver trim, 2.8" screen, and standard SD card support

You will only pay the taxes shipping & handling ($24.95) to receive your MP4 delivered in 7-10 days.

Specifications for featured item: Touch Screen Mp4 Player with 128 MB Built in and expandable up to 4GB FLASH MEMORY. Color: Black with Silver Trim as per sample. 2.8" Touch Screen with SD Expansion Slot (Standard SD Card Slot) Compatible with Standard SD Cards. Supports : MP3, WMA, WMV Music Formats. Supports: AVI,MP4, AMV Video Formats. Supports: JPEG, TIF, BMP Formats. Voice Recorder Function, 7 Equalizer Modes, Built in Lithium Battery. Includes: USB Charging Cable & Earbuds earphones. Not compatible with Apple/Mac applications. This certificate is only available to U.S. Residents.

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